A downloadable game


This is my game i'm making, it is called Windows OS Simulator!

What is it?

It is a Windows OS Simulation game, however it is not very accurate with the official Windows OS!

Can I have a go?

Well, do you want a go? If so contact me on anything you can and I might send you it or send you a code

How much?

I'm not too sure yet, at the moment it is free, however it might change at some point!

This looks rubbish!

That's your opinion and I accept that however if you have any ideas for it to make you change your opinion, tell me!

Is there a official group for this?

No not yet if I bring one out, I will update you lot!

Are you going to put this on Steam Greenlight?

No, maybe Steam Concepts also one question for everyone who has Steam and would want to join a Steam group for this?