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I should post this here; this is only a prototype therefore I have no "working" screenshots of the game! This is an idea that I plan to actually release and hopefully have a basic working framework of the game to be able to release for people to try out and give any suggestions that they come up with (e.g: ideas, bugs they have found or improvements) 

A Bit Of Information

This is a simulation type game that focusses on maintaining a utility supply to homes, businesses and other types of buildings or places that need it. You will need to place pipes, connect the pipes from a "resource unit" (such as for a electric supply; a substation or a water supply; reservoir) to a building or place that requires these utilities. I plan to have many different types of worlds including a "barebones" world that consists of nothing other than a landscapes/terrain and then basic easy, medium, hard worlds and other random worlds I think of! Some worlds may contain pre existing grids that are either old and broken, faulty or grids that are in need of upgrading. I am considering posting an image or two of world designs I have made so far but keep a close eye on this page for updates!

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