Map 1 Design


So this is a design for a map, it may not look professional but remember! It is just a draft and a design! It is not what it will look like in the game. In the game, it will be more sleek and more presentable, and a less bit of a MS Paint job. If you lay pipes, the black squares (roads) will be dug up and disappear from the "room" leaving gaps for you to add pipes (like in real life) 

This Map

This map would be one of the maps that have existing "resource units", you can see these on the design. The water supply is the massive river, the gas supply is the yellow square with "GAS" written on it and the electricity supply is the small dark block located on the left on the gas unit and slightly downwards. Although, the map has existing "resource units", it does not have any pipes installed or any building built so you can probably guess what you will have to do here on this map. In case you can't work it out... you will have to fit the pipe lines needed here as well as place buildings. You will still be able to place "resource units" on this map because you may want a large "resource bank" so you can build utility hungry buildings such as a hospital or a car wash. 

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